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Cloud Surge, headquartered in the UK, is a pioneering delivery partner that focuses on propelling digital transformation journeys. We specialise in Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure, offering flexible, on-demand PowerPods teams of certified professionals. Our goal is to seamlessly merge with and elevate your ongoing projects.

Our distinctive PowerPod model emphasises efficient project delivery. Each PowerPod boasts a 'tripod formation' – featuring a Senior Solution Architect, a Mid-Level Developer, and a Junior CRM Analyst. This trio guarantees a blend of deep experience, technical prowess, and fresh perspectives, ensuring holistic solutions to our partners.

Cloud Surge capitalizes on the vast capabilities of Microsoft Cloud technologies. We are adept in Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure, harnessing these platforms to drive your digital transformation initiatives forward.

The PowerPod Model is not just about manpower but a blend of strategy, technique, and innovation. Our structured teams bring varied expertise to the table, ensuring projects are handled from multiple angles, reducing roadblocks, and ensuring optimal solutions. This model brings both dynamism and depth to any project.

Dynamics 365 is more than just a business application; it's a comprehensive suite offering both CRM and ERP functionalities. Designed for the modern enterprise, it drives data-led decisions, optimizes customer engagement, and ensures seamless operational workflows.

Cloud Surge acts as a force multiplier for contractors and digital agencies. Our PowerPod model promises scalability, depth, and agility in the realm of Microsoft technologies. Instead of navigating the complexities of hiring, training, and long-term obligations, contractors can tap into our ready-to-deploy teams, ensuring their projects remain on the cutting edge and exceed client expectations.

Our engagement models are built on flexibility. Whether you have a short-term project or a long-term transformational journey, our PowerPods can be engaged on-demand, ensuring you have the right expertise at the right time.

Absolutely! With a rich history of diverse projects under our belt, our teams bring cross-industry knowledge. Whether it's finance, healthcare, e-commerce, or any other sector, we're primed to provide solutions that resonate with industry-specific challenges and opportunities.

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Cloud Surge Solutions Ltd trading as Cloud Surge. Cloud Surge is a company registered in England and Wales: company number 14421129.

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