Case Studies

Cross-Business Digital Transformation

The Challenge

Loft25, a robust Microsoft user utilizing M365/Email/Teams, faced challenges in operating with disparate applications and data sources across its brand creation and eCommerce business. The company needed a comprehensive digital transformation that would integrate data from over 20 external systems and platforms for more efficient operations.

The Solution

Our PowerPod, in close collaboration with Slipstream IT, spearheaded the delivery of a new data warehouse and front-end PowerBI reports. Leveraging Azure Data Factory and Power Automate, we successfully aggregated data into an Azure Data Lake, establishing a central repository as part of Microsoft Fabric. But our collaboration with Slipstream IT didn’t stop there. In addition to the initial data integration project, we’re assisting in the delivery of a Digital Asset Management solution based on Microsoft SharePoint. We’re also creating Power App solutions to address various business needs across Loft25’s operations.

The Outcome

The successful delivery of the initial project and the tangible benefits of the integrated data solution led to follow-on work. This project serves as a potent example of how our PowerPods can augment our partners’ delivery capabilities and support them in implementing expansive digital transformations. The successful partnership with Slipstream IT reaffirms our commitment to ‘levelling up’ our partners’ Microsoft Cloud digital transformation efforts, further showcasing the strength and efficacy of our PowerPods.

"By seamlessly integrating data from over 20 systems, they helped us deliver an exceptional centralised data solution that vastly improved our client’s business intelligence. Their ongoing support in implementing the DAM solution and developing the Power App was also invaluable very to us!"

Rohan Patel – Senior Consultant Slipstream IT

“Our key aim is to always amplify our partners’ project delivery capacity, in every project we journey into. A notable instance of our successful partnerships is our collaborative venture with Slipstream IT on behalf of their client, Loft25.”

"Working on the Loft25 Group project with Slipstream was a enriching experience for us. The integration of data from numerous systems into a centralized solution was a challenge we were very eager to meet. The success of this project and the follow on work we did, including the development of Power App solutions really helps reaffirm our commitment to our delivery partner."

Nikhil Raheja – Project Manager Cloud Surge
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