Case Studies

Revolutionising GP Triage with an AI-powered System

The Challenge

GPTriage aimed to disrupt the traditional GP booking system by creating an AI-driven GP Triage solution. The system had to assess the severity of patients’ issues and allocate appropriate slots or guide patients effectively. This groundbreaking project demanded a high level of technical expertise and precision to automate and revolutionize GP surgery bookings.

The Solution

Our PowerPod worked collaboratively with CTS Infotech’s team, bringing together consultants, architects, and project managers to deliver the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for this complex project. We leveraged Microsoft’s Power Platform and Azure technologies, with Microsoft’s Dataverse serving as the robust data hub and Model-Driven Apps facilitating effective GP Surgery data management. The front-end GP booking system harnessed Power Pages and Azure Health Bot for health triage, while Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Power Automate ensured smooth automation.

The Outcome

The collaboration led to the successful delivery of the MVP, setting the stage for the product’s full release and aiding in finalizing the necessary requirements. The seamless execution and strong partnership with CTS Infotech not only secured follow-on work but also highlighted the effectiveness of our PowerPods in enhancing our partners’ delivery capabilities. This partnership underscores our commitment to ‘levelling up’ our partners’ Microsoft Cloud digital transformation projects, marking a significant achievement for both our companies.

"I cannot overstate the value that the PowerPod team brought to the project. Their expertise was instrumental in building our innovative AI-driven triage system, revolutionising our clients GP booking process. The collaborative effort resulted not just in a successfully delivered MVP, but also set the course for a full product release. Cloud Surge’s partnership really accelerated our project launch timeline."

Andrew Turner – Project Manager CTS Infotech

At Cloud Surge, we pride ourselves on enhancing our partners’ delivery capabilities with our dedicated PowerPods. One of our successful collaborations was with CTS Infotech for their end-client, GPTriage Ltd”

"Our partnership with CTS Infotech on this project was a rewarding opportunity for the team. We were thrilled to contribute our expertise in creating their revolutionary AI-driven GP booking system. Seeing our efforts come to fruition with the successful delivery of the MVP and setting the path for a full product release was truly a very gratifying experience!"

Usama Riaz – Project Manager Cloud Surge
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